Sunday, January 20, 2008


For some reason, it suddenly seems that everything revolves around you should behave around others, what you should discuss in public and with whom, what I can't say here and how you should conduct yourself on facebook.

In the end I've come to the following conclusion: fuck it. I'm going to talk about sex loudly in public, I'm going to play rock band and not be embarrassed about how I look and I'll go ahead and write what I want here.

So. I've talked in the past about my tendency to concoct experiments out of hare-brained ideas. This February I will begin a month long experiment in which I will try to figure out how "eating a cookie" every day affects my life. I will somehow be monitoring my mood and outlook on life. Yes, that is the vaguest of the vague. I have no clue how to plan right now is to write down an adjective for how I feel at three points each day:

1)Upon waking up
2)Sometime around 2pm
3) After dinner but prior to bed

I have a friend who is also going to participate. And another friend who is sort of half-assedly considering the idea. Either way - hopefully it'll be an interesting month....


  1. Are you going to eat the cookie at the same time every day? And are you going to post your adjectives every day?

  2. Are you going to eat the same kind of cookie everyday? My hypothesis is that the better the cookie, the better the mood.