Monday, January 14, 2008

Scene: Dominick's...walking up the stairs behind two ugg'd out DePaul girls. Not hearing the inanity they were spouting until...

Girl #2: "Ooooh, good song!"

I listened carefully and at first thought it was some sort of NSync number. But no, it was Britney Spears. Not even a good Britney song (you know you like at least one song, despite your many misgivings about Britney, her ability to sing and her ability to be sane). It was Stronger. And those girls were serious.

I know it's been a while. And there's stuff to say. But I've hit a point where I'm not sure I want to say it here. A friend mentioned that she sometimes wishes she had a blog no one knew about, and that makes a lot of sense right now. I'm struggling with how much I can say here...and some of that has to do with the coworkers (I wouldn't want to scandalize) and some to do with just about everyone. Anyway...there may be some interesting stuff in February. But that all depends on how open I want to be with you all...

Plus, I'm too busy watching all of Sex and the City.


  1. We aren't reading, so you can be as open as you want.

  2. Funny comment by anonymous over there.

    I've missed your blog. Please keep writing.