Friday, November 02, 2007

26 things that I like about me...

Yes, you read that right. I am going to go ahead and extol my own virtues on this day, my 26th birthday. Some of you random readers may find this conceited, self-centered, egotistical? This is not the case...I just wanted to do something with the number 26. And since I am still on a crusade to improve my self-esteem, this is the list that made most sense to me. This is probably going to be a full day project. So I'll be updating sporadically. 26 is a daunting number of things to like...
  1. I'm a really good listener.
  2. I have solid work ethic and sometimes enjoy working hard.
  3. My boobs, while large, are fantastic (come on, you didn't think this would all be G-rated did you? And you know you stare at my chest sometimes).
  4. My sense of humor is wide and quick to trigger.
  5. Sometimes I can be witty.
  6. I am fairly easy-going
  7. But I know how to be confrontational when need be.
  8. Sadly, I'm on number 8 and I'm running out of things to say. But I am tenacious (that's my 8).
  9. I can be happy doing the simplest things (like knitting, or sitting here on the computer with Mona trying to fit on my lap with the computer)
  10. I actually like to learn (most of the time, if it's interesting).
  11. Silliness comes easily to me.
  12. I don't settle.
  13. The next 5 are courtesy of Janet, who is amazing and decided to help me out: I am a loyal friend.
  14. I'm honest without being hurtful.
  15. I think for myself and don't just follow trends.
  16. I care about the environment.
  17. I've got a great haircut that suits me perfectly (thanks Janet! I heart you!).
  18. Sometimes, like when I wear workout pants, I think my butt is really nice.
  19. I think in a lot of things I do have "faith" that everything will be OK. My nature can be optimistic.
  20. I am tolerant of almost anything (although screaming children can get under my skin).
  21. Lately, I tend towards cheerful (and I hope to keep it that way).
  22. I excel at laziness. And I like that I'm good at it.
  23. My imagination is quite overworked and my day dreams are amazing. Sometimes so realistic that I make myself cry (that's crazy, yes?)
  24. Following this, I have a lovely imagination but I am realistic in almost all things.
  25. I dance and sing around my apartment at night.
  26. I love animals.
That was hard.

You all are more than welcome to agree with me in the comments below. If you disagree....well, i guess you're also welcome to do so. But remember, it's my birthday and you all should be nice. Closer to 30 than 20 now...


  1. I love how you label your birthday post as a holiday. :o)

  2. Happy Birthday! I see that it is evening and you don't have your 26 so I thought I'd offer you some help. 1. You are a loyal friend.
    2. You're honest without being hurtful. 3. You think for yourself and don't just go with the "trends" 4. You care about the environment 5. You've got a great haircut that I think suits you perfectly.

  3. Happy Birthday!! hope you hade a good one :-)

  4. You're a good sister. You're willing to try new things (food, music, haircuts, TV shows, working out). You have an excellent sense of humor. You're intelligent. You work really hard when you want something. You're a great gift-giver (more of a skill than people think it is!).