Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3...

Amazingly, I feel like I'm already running into a wall - what to write about on this third day of many days of blogging? Here's what I've been thinking about this morning:
  • If only I could eat cake for breakfast every morning...
  • Is there social etiquette that dictates how I should/if I have to respond to all my facebook birthday messages?
  • Spinner has cancer??!!?!?
  • I wish I could put my Christmas tree up now...
So I think I'll leave you all and either knit or write about VoIP. I'm probably drinking again tonight (that's 3 weekends in a row) so maybe I'll have a fun story tomorrow. I did try to find a "hoochie" shirt at Kohl's to wear tonight. The only shirt I liked had some bra issues. All the rest of them were so amazingly cleavage prone that my Mom was repeatedly amazed by my ample bosom. Maybe I'll manage to write about my chest every day this November.

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