Wednesday, August 08, 2007

La la la la....

So not much going on. A lot of work, some Lollapalooza, some couch sitting. Lolla wasn't what I had hoped...but I don't know what I had hoped since I didn't really care much about any bands other than Pearl Jam. And watching Pearl Jam with what felt like 1,000,000 other sweaty, steamy fans was not all that enjoyable. Why does Lolla have to be 172 degrees whenever I go?

I caved and joined facebook. I really do not withstand peer pressure very well. At least when it comes to new technology.

As for my self-esteem improvement plan, here are some updates:
  1. My hair has improved my morale...although the humidity is causing weird curling action at the front and I hate that. However, it won't be humid forever. Right? Right?
  2. Working out: I went to the gym to join and it doesn't make sense to join until August 20th (I'd have to pay the full summer price for only 2 weeks of working out - if I wait until the 20th, then it's fall quarter price). So that is on hold just a bit. One of my coworkers works out there every day at the same time that I will and he agreed to help motivate me to go (all I need is motivation to actually show up there).
  3. As for make-up...yeah, haven't started that yet. I'm still getting used to my hair routine (which is still not established firmly). I think early next week I'll be set with that routine and I can add the 5 minutes of make-up time.
That's all. Sorry for the boringness lately. When school starts and/if I get hired on as a salaried employee, some excitement and interesting stuff may happen soon. You know, walking to work I miss a lot of the crazy CTA stories...

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