Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hello, and how was your weekend?

Mine was particularly good. Not only was I totally productive on the cleaning front (it is SO clean here. No, really) but I also saw an unexpectedly enjoyable movie on Friday.

First with the cleaning...remember way back when, I started a "big clean?" Yeah, well I never finished that clean. The upstairs hall has sported two vacuums and various junk for a month and a half. And the bedroom? Really never was cleaned. But today the bedroom, the hall and the downstairs are all tidy and scrubbed (with my new super floor cleaner vacuum combo - which has so much suction power that at points it was getting stuck to the floor and I was having a hard time moving it. Using that thing was a serious work out). The only areas that I have left to do (probably at various times on Saturday or Sunday of next weekend) are the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom is semi-clean. The kitchen had to be avoided because there is a patch of 4 parquet tiles missing as well as about 14 newly buckled tiles. I think that as the underfloor is drying, all the tiles are buckling. It is actually a serious hazard and I have hurt my toes numerous times on those damn tiles. I also keep stepping on them and crunching them in...

The movie was Stardust. It was actually really well attended for an older movie (might be the $5 price tag, good deal for the city!). And it was not only a well crafted, engaging story but it also packed some major laughs! Really glad I went.

Tuesday I'll start working out. Hopefully every day for the next week or so, try to find a pattern...maybe some classes that I like. Other than that...same old, same old. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have a "I got a job, congratulate me and buy me gifts" post. Ok...there's no reason why you should buy me gifts for that. But you should always just buy me gifts in general. It's Wednesday? Buy Katie gifts! It's september 1st, buy Katie gifts!

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