Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lookie here...

Happy picture Saturday everyone...

For your viewing pleasure, I took some pictures of large uprooted tree on my walk to work yesterday. It was sort of a gray day. Anyway, there's the roots...(and the crazy carpet looking grass...)

And in this picture you can see the crushed car. Notice the lucky, totally unharmed life-size VW sedan. Right behind it is the crushed car. Flat looking isn't it? It's a minivan. Yes, that flat, smaller than the sedan car used to be a minivan...(if you click on the pic to enlarge it, you'll also see that one sheet of window remained totally unbroken and is just unnaturally sticking there...)

And lastly, I got some mail love today. I purchased the yarn, but golly did it ever arrive fast. Yes, I said golly. This lovely mint-green (I know it looks blue in the pictures...a camera issue) yarn is going to become knee-socks at some point. Shout out to pure knits. If you all like yarn, go there...I always hit the sales and I always get a handwritten note thanking me for my order. Nice touch.


  1. Oh my god, oh my god, can you make me some knee socks? I LOVE knee socks.

  2. knee socks sound so great, can I get that pattern from you?
    ps - if you ever come to michigan, i've got the coolest yarn shop I go to, you have to see it. But I do dig that website you put up...