Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And off I go...

I officially was offered a job! My first day is next Tuesday (just in case you're new here, it's the same job I currently do...only I'll be a "real" employee with a salary and benefits and the like...instead of an intern).

In other "good for me" news I worked out today. I have lots to say about this...bullet points? Yes, I think so...
  • My ridiculing coworker works out every day at the same time I plan to. And yet I didn't see him today. And I must say, I was on edge waiting for him to pop up and point at my sweaty forehead and ridiculous little ponytail and laugh. Ok, he probably wouldn't do that, he's honestly sort of nice to me on most occasions. But either way, being on edge was not fun. I think it'll get better tomorrow as I get more comfortable with the place and the machines. The edginess is going to go away.
  • I don't think I'll ever be comfortable standing naked in a women's locker room.
  • I started on the elliptical and felt like..ok, I'm not so bad. Then I realized I was at about a 13 minute mile and that's like a fast walk. Eerrrr...not so hot. I also moved to the bike and my thigh muscles couldn't handle even two levels of resistance. Because..you know, they've all atrophied.
  • For some reason I'm intimidated by the weight machines. And to be honest, it might be because it was all men hanging out over there. And again, I think when I get more comfortable with the place, I'll wander over there and work my arm muscles (which seriously need it).
  • A question for those of you "in the know"....what should my target heart rate be and how long should I work out while at that target? I could look it up, but I'm lazy and sneezy and don't feel like it. If it helps, I'm 5' and weigh about 125 - 130. I thought maybe those of you bored at work could research that for me when you're bored.
  • I expected all the girls at the place to be skinny Trixies. And they weren't! Maybe that'll happen next week though...
  • The absolute worst part/hardest thing about working out was the walk home. It was evil and long. I don't understand how working out gives people energy. I think I could get in bed right now happily.
And finally, it smells bad here. Like gas. Or glue (which is what it actually is). Glue that is holding down my newly repaired parquet floor...


  1. I did some brief heart rate research and found that most places/sites require you to have your resting heart rate information. They use that as a point of reference to what your active heart rate should be at. Just as a reference, my optimal heart rate is just about around 175 when I am working out. I don't put too much stock into that number though because forcing myself to work out at that level of intensity means that I could be walking and probably eating at the same time. :o) Good luck with the working out. Just stick with it. It does get better.

  2. Yeah, the target heart rate thing is a little tricky. I'm always in the red zone around like 200 when I work out. You know, the zone where your heart is beating so fast it might explode. I would suggest instead of going by heart rate, just kind of go by how you feel. And actually, research shows that weight lifting is as, if not more, important than cardio.

  3. hey, woo hoo! great news about the job. i am (selfishly) so glad, and i am (unselfishly) so glad. doubly glad.

    as for the bikes, if it is any consolation, they always make me feel like my leg muscles are so pathetic it is a wonder i can walk at all.

    self magazine is all about percieved rate of exertion. if you are looking for handy plans, they have four handy plans in this month's issue for different goals. it's sometimes nice to have someone else come up with the particulars. if you are curious, i can toss it past you for a look-see.

  4. for the first 2 weeks of working out I feel like I'm so tired when I'm done that I could crawl in bed...after I get used to it though, it really does give me energy and keep me from wanting to just lay in front of the tv all day...

    good luck, just make sure you make working out one of your "appointments" for the day. Don't give yourself outs...gotta get in the groove and then it'll feel so routine you won't even dread doing it!