Friday, April 27, 2007

Get my muscles (and phlegm) in motion...

So my friend Alex has started up a blog again, I think mostly to motivate herself to run. Maybe something about accountability? The internets will hold her accountable for her running (or some days her lack of)? Anyway, she's made me feel accountable for my own stagnant, flabby muscles (if I even still have any). So I went out "running" today. Yes. In quotations. It couldn't really be called running. Let's call it runalking. I ran. I walked. And I coughed up a lung (I guess I still have some leftover ickiness in my lungs from the sickness).

But, I think I'm going to try again. Keep writing Alex, maybe it'll keep me motivated.

Also, I guess over the winter I forgot how hot I feel in running pants. Honestly, I think whenever I'm having a low self-esteem day I'll just put on those pants. Even while I'm suffocating in public (and generating pools of saliva), I am still cheerful because my ass looks good.

Oh, and I didn't get any mail yesterday. 4 days...and counting.

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