Thursday, May 26, 2005

My half day off...

Today I had a half day off to go to the dentist. Nobody likes the dentist and I am no different from the masses. My teeth are soft and squishy, I get cavities if I smell sugar. So fillings, yeah, I'm a veteran. But I've never had issues where my "bite" was off and I'm therefore biting my filling and causing myself sharp pain whenever I eat. Twice now I've had my teeth slowly shaved away (or quickly, by a drill that can cause serious pain). This time lets hope I have no more issues. Note to self and anyone who is going to the dentist soon: do not eat pickles for lunch beforehand.

The dentist told me I have a deep bite. What does this mean? He also told me I have sharp cuspeds or something. I immediately pictured myself as a vampire.

I hung up some pictures just now. It turns out my wall is slanted (not surprising considering I live in an old building). So the bottom pictures are not resting against the wall, their bottom is free-floating. It looks a little weird, but I still like my pictures.

On the way home from getting my shots yesterday I saw a horrible sign on a pole that told me my area has been treated for rats. Who thinks about rats? Ew, rats. Mice are bad enough, but rats!

Ellsworth was a friend of roomie #1. I really only knew him our last semester of school (so exactly a year ago). He was in one of my classes. The last few weeks of school I was going out a lot (are you shocked? Don't be, I wanted to enjoy my last weeks of school) and I saw him out a lot. He wanted to try something and I said no. I'm not going to put his name out there or anything because that would be totally rude.


  1. Fuzzy memories of Brothers are streaming back into my head. I remember that night. That was a weird night...

  2. That's too bad, I was hoping the secret admirer thing was going to turn out good for you. Oh well, it's still nice to feel wanted by someone, right!? Ewww. you have rats, I'm not coming to see you anymore.

  3. I saw those signs! Are they orange with a great big rat on em? Yeah, Tristan lives by some rats too.