Friday, May 27, 2005

My life without me...

Very rarely am I serious on this blog. I don't think I'm generally a serious person. I don't think it would be easy or fun to live if you took life seriously.

I don't think that's what you come here for either, to hear about my political, religious or life views. Although they do get splashed in here and there, I guess I don't define myself by my views. Which some people do. I guess what else can you define yourself by? I don't know. I don't typically define myself any way.

I just watched a movie called My life without me...and it was really sad and it was the first movie in a long while that really made me think. What would my life be like without me? Who would be left behind and how would the world change?

It was really a very sobering thought process.

So how do I define myself? What would I do if I knew I was going to die in two months?

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  1. i almost got that movie yesterday at the video store. but passed it up for another sobering movie - The Laramie Project. I also got Calander Girls though, so I wouldn't be forced to be too intense for too long after the Laramie Project. Good to know My Life Without Me is worthwhile, maybe i'll get it next weekend...