Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Two things...

Quick post, I'm tired and I've been a bit cranky today.

First, Ellsworth came forward. It was who I thought it was. For those of you who don't know who I thought it was, oh well! Let me know you're curious and I'll fill you in. For those of you who don't care who he is but want to know what happened: he's currently getting involved with someone else and I am therefore tossed aside. Which is a good thing. No offense Ellsworth (if you do still read).

Second, to roomie #1, I would love to see you. Last time you were in town I tried to get in touch with you via IM beforehand. I don't think you get my IM's. Let me know for sure what weekend you are in town next. If its June 17th (that weekend or the next) I'll be off to Hawaii and therefore unavailable.

Off to eat some diet food and study for a test I have next week.


  1. you gotta fill me in on who Ellsworth is. the curiousity is killing me.

  2. Hey, just FYI if you IM on the Friday before the weekend I go to Chicago I won't get it cause I leave straight from work. I think that's what happened last time. I do get your IMs, just every time I go to respond you are in bed! and I'm an hour ahead of you!!
    Anyhoo, if I come to Chicago it'll be June 3-5. Hopefully I'll be in the city for part of it and would love to have lunch or dinner or whatever. Maybe go to the zoo!

    Lata chica,
    Roomie #1