Friday, November 01, 2013

day three: ROUGH fading in to low key

Shoulders & Arms. Ab Ripper X.

Here's the thing - I was so stiff last night that I slept terribly. I woke up and walked around like an 200 year old woman. I specifically changed part of my daily routine so that I would not have to climb stairs. I was tired, in pain and not happy. Work was a bit less fun than usual as well. So coming home to work out was at the bottom of the things I wanted to do.

But I did it. And miraculously my legs feel less sore after working out. I feel better. Thoughts on the workout? I think my dumbbells were too light and the band is still scary to me. So the arm/shoulder workout was kind of breezy (most of it. parts of it were still really tough). Ab Ripper X was a 15 minute proof of my lack of fitness. I did between 0-10 reps of most of the exercises. I was supposed to do 25. I probably averaged 3. Honestly, there were some exercises that my body just wouldn't DO. I laid on the ground a lot feeling pretty worthless. loml came downstairs at one point and asked if I was spending my evening napping.

Verdict: horrible start to the day, but I miraculously made myself work out and it was kind of a good thing for me. exceeded expectations.

3 down, 87 to go.

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