Saturday, November 02, 2013

day four: low motivation

Yoga X.

I was a quitter this morning. I only made it through half an hour of yoga. I have tried yoga in the past and find that it's not my thing - I don't know if I have a weird body shape or super low flexibility (or both) but I often find that my boobs get in the way of my arms and that my arms can never reach where they are supposed to. So I only did 1/3 of the Yoga X video. Next week I'll try to make it 45 minutes. I just....don't love yoga.

Truthfully, 30 minutes is much better than 0 minutes of workout, so I don't feel too too bad. Birthday present to self: no guilt about quitter attitude.

Verdict: No motivation + birthday = quit after 30 minutes. Goal is to make it to 45 next week.

4 down, 86 to go.

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