Sunday, November 03, 2013

day five: why am i doing this?

Legs & Back. Ab Ripper X.

I found myself a bit bored again today - I think this might be a weekend issue? Either way, I stuck it out. With Legs & Back, it strangely involved a lot of pull-ups, which I can't do. It took me about half the video to figure out a system to use the band in a sort of pull-up way. I think the tension is not enough, so that part of this workout was a fairly large fail. The leg stuff was rough and I think I'll be hobbling tomorrow.

Ab Ripper - again, I laid around after failure for a significant part of this. I did a tiny bit better than on Friday, but only a tiny bit. I found that my spare tire belly was getting in the way and that was totally depressing.

I am definitely feeling some muscle changes...but if I continue to be bored for an hour of these workouts, how am I going to keep going?

Verdict: powered through but need to find a new kind of motivation...

5 down, 85 to go.

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