Monday, November 04, 2013

day six: umba + jab cross hook uppercut

Mixing it up today because I got my umba box! I know, I stopped sharing my umba items...but since I'm here to tell you about working out, I might as well share this:
I got this really lovely lumbar pillow. It's much more blue than it appears in the image. But I'm kind of into it. Not sure it fits in the house, but it's a good month for umba. Visit Basik 855 to see some other pillows.

p90x. Kenpo X today. I punched and kicked a bunch of imaginary people while also blocking their attempts to attack me. My motivation to continue is pretty near rock bottom and I don't know how to resuscitate it. The fact that I've worked out six days in a row is a minor miracle. But how do I keep on doing it? Tomorrow is my rest day, so maybe I'll find some motivation then.

Here's my whine list:

  • I am fatter than I was when I started. Like uncomfortably so. My body ballooned. Apparently that's normal but it SUCKS.
  • My body hurts quite a bit which is making sleeping really tough. I wake up a lot.
  • I am bored while I do it for quite some time.
Verdict: good workout, I managed to do it all but I'm adrift in a sea of hate and I can't find motivation island. Yeah, I just typed that.

6 down, 84 to go. Except really, 7 down, 83 to go. Tomorrow is a rest day so you won't hear from me.

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