Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's been three months. Yeesh, I'm terrible at this. And now I'm going to try something completely boring for all of you - I'm going to journal my way through P90x Lean. I'm a lazy fart and being with loml has made me happy and fat. I'd like to reduce a little of that fat, but I don't particularly enjoy leaving the house to do that (the lazy part). I also hope you realize that I only want to get rid of the discomfort from wearing clothes that fit a month ago. I do not care if I fail to get buff or to do a pull up or to lose X number of pounds.

So I've calendared it all out starting this Wednesday. I am going to try to blog after every workout. Something along the lines of: I did X today and it sucked and I cried a little. BUT at least I did it. And perhaps I can use the tiny bit of motivation of telling you all I didn't fail to spur myself on. Keep me honest internet.

And I will continue to eat candy and cookies and do everything else I like to do.

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