Thursday, July 18, 2013


Umba post! This month had one major hit for me and one pretty big flop. Then there's the in between item which I probably won't use any time soon.

Elastic hair Ties from Poppy and Elle. I received three total ties - the two pictured on the very right and an orange one. They just feel nicer than normal ties and I think they are a little classier than your average rubberband. Big fan. Do recommend.

Insect magnets from Kate Grenier Designs. Let me just say the magnets are of good quality and look pretty nice. And to be fair, after looking at the site, I'm super bummed that I didn't get some of the cuter magnets like some of the plain designs, food or beachy/travel magnets. So if the idea of bottlecap magnets appeal to you, I do recommend this.

Muh? (That's the sound of me shrugging my shoulders and making a noise)
Citronella Buzz Off candle from Green Daffodil. It smells great. I just can't tell you if it works. It's way too hot outside to be sitting in the weather. Also, we're not really outside candle burners. Is that a type of person? I think it might be. If you know outdoorsy people, this might be a great thing to put in like, a gift basket type deal. Or a picnic basket gift.

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