Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I started my new job yesterday. Besides still feeling a bit shitty (I either had a cold or an extreme allergy attack on Saturday night/all day Sunday and it was really ill timed), here's other things I could say:

  • As far as I can tell there are 3-7 other ladies on the floor total at any one time. This means that the ladies bathroom is a palace because it is almost always completely empty.
  • The office was recently completely renovated. This means it's a super modern floor plan (rows of open desks, phone booth offices, conference rooms of all sizes) with bright colors that quadrant the floor (orange, blue, green, yellow). I'm in blue this week. It also means the kitchen is insanely nice and there is a living room area with an XBox and "at cost" vending machines. Probably things I will never use but I appreciate the effort.
  • Speaking of that renovation, as far as I can tell, no one except fairly high management has an office. This means my manager and location lead both sit in the rows like everyone else. I love it. Also, the cubes are pretty much unassigned except for the management (because the rest of us are in sporadically).
  • I'm going through a week long orientation and so far my insight is: holy hell, I have an actual "roadmap" for my career trajectory. Some of which I choose and some of which they advise/require of me. This is novel to me and pretty delightful.
So I'm gainfully employed again, here's hoping I get put on a project sometime in the future so I can freak out about being a consultant. Fingers crossed I like it. 

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