Thursday, April 25, 2013

Have you guys ever heard of cakestyle? If you can believe it, yesterday I spent even more money on clothes (seriously, these two shopping trips make up for all my years of clothing indifference in one expensive swoop). When I was trying to figure out how to beef up my wardrobe, I knew I needed help. So I searched "personal shopper chicago" and read around a bit. That's what led me to Macy's personal shopping.

But I hate shopping...and the idea of having to go to the store to buy new clothes every few months or a couple times a year is just..urgh. So cakestyle immediately appealed to me: the idea is that you get a personal shopper who sends you a box full of outfits that you try on. If you like anything, you buy it. If not, you ship them all back, free of charge. The company is an infant, super new and growing into itself. But man it appealed to me. My only concern was that I am a weird fit. loml frequently calls my body a mutant. So I contacted them and asked if they ever do "fitting" appointments. And it turned out, of course they do.*

This appointment, with Beth, was honestly exactly what I wanted out of a personal shopper. She had an insane rack of clothes picked for me based on what I had put into my cakestyle settings. I went through and tried on outfit after outfit. No trolling through a store with a cart or anything like that. And she did a pretty fantastic job overall with fit.

I think overall, with the Macys stuff + the cakestyle stuff, I now have a super insane new wardrobe. I'm pretty excited. And I hope that moving forward this is a step toward me staying more current. I can request a box from cakestyle whenever I want. I can say "I need a cocktail dress, send me some!" or "I just need summer pieces" or "I'm going on a cruise, I need cruise clothes" and a box will whisk itself to my doorstep full of clothing from my stylist. It comes with a video explaining the choices too.

This all sounds like an ad, doesn't it? I am definitely not important enough to be paid for writing this, that is honestly laughable. I think there are like, 10 of you out there reading this? I am just really excited about what happened yesterday.

*Note to anyone who really might be considering this - they just stopped doing appointments for the short term as they are looking for a new office building/studio space. They currently share office space with other VC companies and rent a small studio space for appointments. They want to move to a solo office space/appointment space combined. Hopefully it won't be too long before they are offering appointments again.

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  1. Did you ever try I love them, they are really amazing and prices for clothes are reasonable!