Thursday, January 03, 2013

These last few weeks, besides being on holiday, I've also been tying up all of the loose ends for two weddings (a ceremony + dinner in Hawaii and a party in Chicago). I have planners for both, so I know I'm super lucky and a lot less busy than some brides/grooms. Loml is also OK about helping (though often he does it grudgingly and without opinions). For some things I don't really have opinions either. I want to have a fun party - but the details are less important to me than I expected them to be. I really thought I would be super opinionated about flowers and linens and look/feel - maybe a baby bridezilla with that stuff. But it turns out I don't care that much. Hopefully it'll turn out great.

And while that's a lot of big words, I am trying to coach myself that if something isn't like I imagined not freak out. On the day of my wedding and the day of my wedding reception, I want to just be happy and ready to party. And worrying about being social rather than details (as in, I don't really like crowds and especially crowds where I am the center of attention. Groan). I already am prepared to not really talk to anyone for any length of time in Chicago. Five hours with 300 people = very little time for talking to any one of them..

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