Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Do I say this every year? I'm not sure, but I'd very much like to commit to writing a blog post twice a week this year. I often will have nothing to say - but in the absence of content, perhaps I can find silliness here again. Do I even have any readers? Debatable. Currently I'm planning on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. See you again tomorrow!

This year I also want to start blogging about actual code. I am a developer for a living and sometimes we actually do cool things. Eventually I'd like to move any content to a coding blog, but I'm not convinced I am disciplined enough to write about code often enough to actually have a dedicated coding blog. So there will be a trial run or two here.

I'm currently home sick - I was actually bragging about how I rarely get sick to a friend a few weeks ago. I guess I deserve this uncomfortable cold? Lots of snot and hot/tired eyes over here today. Day 5 of this cold - hopefully the last.

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