Monday, December 06, 2010

Loml and I have completely opposite schedules.  I have the schedule of an old lady (in bed by 10, lights off almost always by 11).  He has the schedule of a crazy college student or of a sickly old lady.  Sometimes he sleeps 6 hours and then naps during the day, sometimes he sleeps 12 hours straight.  He really is a marvel.  Anyway, I digress.  I always knew it was going to be hard to combine our lives.  How do we deal with:
  • My need for white noise because of his sleeping noises....vs. his need for quiet because the fan is too loud.
  • My getting in bed early and therefore needing his activity levels in other rooms to be quieter.
  • His getting in bed later and sometimes jarring me awake.
  • My burning, boiling late night temperatures make me want to keep the room at a cool -3 degrees vs his need, as a normal human being, to stay warm at night.
Clearly, we're still working on it.  When I was sick the other night, he slept in a different bed.  And said he got the best night's sleep he's had so far in this house (cue sad face).  But, it's probably true.  I saw a couple on Oprah (these are things that shouldn't be admitted/put in writing, right?) who have slept in separate beds for the entirety of their marriage.  I'm not about to go there with loml, but it's intriguing to me.  Why is it we sleep in the same bed these days, especially if it's causing us to sleep badly?  Besides the obvious bonuses of being in the same bed, I personally refuse to give up the spontaneous chats.

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