Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's crazy to realize that I moved in to this house only three months ago.  We drove by my old apartment on Saturday and I felt a slight pang of nostalgia, maybe a moment of sadness...but it was only a moment.  It feels like we've been living in this house for as long as I can remember (though maybe we have...if we're using my memory as the compass).  I think this house quickly became a home.  It's not a place I live, it's the place I want to go to at the end of a bad day and the place that I'm most comfortable.  I wasn't sure how having a roommate would affect my ability to feel at home here, but if anything he's made it easier.  If I don't stop myself now, I'll start writing in cheesy cliches and then next stop, vinyl wall art.

There are weird things I love about this house (the tiny window in the bedroom closet) and habits I can't seem to break from having an apartment.  I can't stop stock-piling laundry...I need to do it every few days, not every few weeks.  

This is sort of a round-about post.  I meant to write about how I want to settle in more next week (I have the week off).  To move my clothes into the closet in the basement and start showering down there.  And, maybe (gasp) look for a lamp for the side table and a towel bar/holder for the basement downstairs.  Big plans!  Super exciting!  Running low on topics!

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