Saturday, December 04, 2010

I had a post planned for today.  It was about loml and i.  Because today is an anniversary - we've been together a year and a half now.  It honestly seems like we've been together much longer than that most of the time.  Though I occasionally do find myself thinking - wait, we are together AND live together?  Whoa.

I can't write that sappy post because I can't stop sneezing.  Loml commented, while we were trying to put the laundry away, that he doesn't think he's sneezed as much in his entire life.  And currently, i'm managing to hold the sneezes in - and oh my god it hurts.  This may be the worst cold I've had in years.  Cold symptoms unrelated to lungs.  Though I did hypothesize that when I went to the doctor to get better, it's possible I picked this up.  Sister and brother-in-law who stopped by the house - take some emergen-C now.

SNEEZE.  I'll write a sappy belated anniversary loml post as soon as i stop with the snot.  Nyquil take me away...

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