Thursday, December 16, 2010

FO Number eight!  Sealing the year up by completing my set.  Hat and mittens preceded it.

I made it extra long - the pattern called for 9 repeats. I did 15. I really enjoyed this knit. The cable could be a pain in the ass sometimes (to pull 10 on the cable needle was a bit much) but overall, I loved watching the braid happen. It's super thick yarn and can be looped multiples...and so it should be warm. I'm excited to break this out. Just need a day that isn't so damn cold that I'm wearing so many layers. My nice coat looks sausagy with too many layers.

Also, I'm running out of projects. So if you have something you want to own, of a hand-knit nature, shoot me a note. I even have a lot of yarn that has no purpose...

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