Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I know now that I didn't two months ago:

  1. Built in microwaves are not meant for short people.  It really looks nice and saves space, but I can't see the food as it cooks.  The kitchen is going to become an obstacle course of step-stools at some point.  
  2. There might be something to this whole robe thing.  I think I need a waffle robe or something similar for my mornings.  All the windows have no blinds and most of my morning routine involves states of partial undress.  
  3. Sometimes we live under a flight path.  Either that or sometimes the flights all sound like they're about to crash out of the sky.  It only happens occasionally that they're super loud and I think it may have a correlation with inclement weather - but man, 20 planes sounded like they were going to fall out of the sky tonight (loml once described it as sounding like the Lost airplane).
  4. Sleeping with a boy for a month can suddenly make it hard to not sleep with a boy and that offends me.
The bathroom downstairs look amazing.  And the basement is getting close.  Loml wandered around down there a bit last night and besides his being certain the house is going to fall down around us, we're both looking forward to having it as actual living space.  Two weeks from today?

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