Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bits and pieces today.
Currently I have three space heaters running; this place will be a bearable temperature tomorrow.  I will continue to run up the electricity bill until it happens.
I have a few journal swap posts in the works, rounds 4 and 5.  Or round 4 and half of 5.  The posts are about to become even farther apart as my swapping companion is about to move states.  So we're going to embark on a mission to save the post office with our journal swap mailings.  We have welllll over half of each journal left.  It may be years at this point.
Last night I was at a friend's house and came home later than usual.  I came home to Boku staring at me out the front door.  Apparently she's taken on the role of guard-cat.
And one last crazy cat-lady picture to share.  This makes me happy.  We all love the house (though will be happier when the construction is over).

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  1. i wonder what they think about the big giant hole in your yard, think that's what they're starring at?...