Sunday, October 03, 2010

I haven't been feeling all that well lately.  Just tired and headachey, chesty and dribbly.  It's been a while, and at first I think it was allergies.  Then it was allergies compounded by my terrible handling of move stress.  Then it was that compounded by a different schedule because there's a boy in my bed every night.  Next, mix in the smell of paint and stain that has been heavy in the house for the past week.  So now, it is allergies?  Am I sick?  Or is my body just angry at me?  Apologies for the blank blog and stares, for the missing me for the past two weeks.  The contractor keeps promising two weeks.  So let's say that by Halloween, I should be 100%.  If not before.

Living with another person, after 6 years of's been hilarious and fun and maddening and exhausting.  Loml and I are having a good time.  I do worry that he's bored a lot, a lot of his stuff was left in the basement at his house.  But I'm trying not to hover or worry or nag like a 60 year old wife.

Gotta go scrape some windowpanes and clean a square of grout on the floor in the bathroom...

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