Monday, January 11, 2010

It is absolutely counterproductive to stop at America's Dog on the way home from the gym. But it sure is delicious. And I figure it will put a positive spin on my "return to the gym" day. And a painful spin on tomorrow's gym trip.

And wow that gym was packed. I ended up on a machine that was right up against the balcony. And I'll just say, I am not woman enough to work out on a machine where I look down to the floor below. I had to concentrate, hard, to not feel like I was going to fall. I mean, technically, I was running in the direction of the "cliff" (alright, not running, ellipticalling). I will never do that again.

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  1. I just remembered you had begun blogging again... I'm real "with it" huh? Glad to see you're back. - Roomie #1