Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last week I was challenged to write a post that wasn't full of talk of my flaws and whining; mostly because I challenged the challenger to eat a piece of humble pie. And so I raise him this post.


This weekend somehow turned out to be the perfect mixture of nothingness, accomplishment and fun. It generally ends up, when I have plans or need to get stuff done, that Sunday night rolls around and I feel like I didn't get any time to actually rest. That it went by in a blur. Not so, this.

I did nothing Friday night after work, but was in a considerable amount of back pain (lessened at this point) so laying on the couch was preferable. Saturday I ran a ton of errands with my sister (and came home with far more stuff than expected) and then had dinner/drinks/shopping with my girls. And today I've done nothing. Well, ok, I cleaned the litter, did some other chore-type things, but mostly I've been making a dent in my couch. Apparently my perfect weekend can be summed up by: nothing, busy saturday, nothing. A formula to copy.


Challenger specifically requested that I write about loml and I and how it is going. I have nothing to complain about, it is going brilliantly. The only hitch in the whole thing is this. Yeah, I know, I don't have a daughter, but that yahoo answer is pretty hilarious. And, clearly, Mona hates him because we FIGHT and YELL at each other all the time. Or maybe she's just a good judge of character. Kidding, kidding.

But yeah, loml and I just got back from a trip to Vegas that was lovely. Relaxing, tasty and entertaining. It's not so interesting to write posts about contentment. But I'll continue to try.

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