Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hello lover....

In case you missed it, I have ridiculously child-sized feet. I mean, ridiculous. Sometimes, I'm still surprised by the size I am forced to purchase. It is maddening. I got bored the other day and went shoe shopping and found the best ever company to happen to the child-sized shoe: Sugar.

Zappos kicks ass because I can shop by size (although it sucks to have to browse through the sparkly shoes, the overwhelmingly pink shoes and the light-up shoes). So I stumbled upon these first:

And honestly, I loved them and thought they were hideous all in the same thought....and that little grain of hate, sort of made me love them more. A bit twisted, but true. So I bought them. And received them about 36 hours after buying them (Zappos shipping? Always bumps me up from $0 standard to overnight). And I put them on and I love them passionately.

I also bought these, slightly more staid shoes:

And they also are quite delicious.

But...I think I could go down to a size 2. I refuse to return these shoes, because of the magnitude of my love. I know that's dumb, my plan is to get some of those heel support things...make them a little tighter. So my already ridiculously small foot is now smaller.

This post brought to you by Zappos and Sugar.

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