Monday, July 28, 2008


Things that I decided I would like to have, right this minute:
  • A rotary phone, with a long old cord and a heavy handset. Assuming I have it now, I would also have it in the future when I have a bookshelf full of old books. Phone would be lovely next to that shelf.
  • A patio, a lawn chair, sunglasses and a glass of lemonade. To be used in one of two situations:
    • Lemonade is spiked, friends in similar chairs.
    • Alone, with a book (reading Harry Potter at the moment, but most books would do).
  • A donut. And some garlic bread. Order of consumption not important.
  • The will to do something...I have some ideas, I'm going to try to have the motivation to actually do them starting tomorrow.
  • John Mayer, sans hair. I sort of hate him, but oh deliciousness.

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