Thursday, May 08, 2008

Recently it's come to my attention that my feelings about loyalty are abnormal. I am loyal to a fault. Probably to my detriment in certain situations (invited to a party by a guy I'd love to see again? No thanks, I already had plans with my friend). And if there is one thing that I'm bound to get angry about it's a situation where I feel like someone was disloyal (the one large fight I can remember having with the bestie was because she backed out on me for a guy. Sure, he's her husband now, but at the time I needed someone to help me move and she could have survived a weekend without seeing him).

I am sure that a lot of this comes from my family. I am fairly close to my extended family on my Dad's side. We always spend holidays together. Christmas Eve has turned into such a big deal that even those with spouses don't do every other year anymore (it was tried by a few and it failed. Pretty miserably). And while this doesn't ring of loyalty so obviously - it is - it's family loyalty. We attend birthday parties, we attend graduations, christenings, baby showers, weddings - we put family first. And I guess that just bleeds into my friendships.

And I just don't think there is enough loyalty around these days...

I'm not sure where I'm going with this. I have been thinking about writing a post like this for more than a week now. And I opened up this blog earlier and just felt wholly uninspired (I think I'm using up all my inspiration on lame things like twitter, wording emails perfectly to play politics and crazy dumbed down CMS capable code). But, here I am. My family is pretty kick ass and I was reminded of that again tonight.

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  1. Hey, i stumbled across your blog semi-randomly. Was googling an incubus line to see if i'd used it as a post title before. I read your post here on loyalty and dug it. I wrote similar not too long ago, though mine was a bit bitter.
    I think honor and loyalty are dying things and that makes me sad sometimes.
    anyway, there's my two cents.