Friday, March 14, 2008

Things I am looking forward to...

  • Spring!
  • Getting another tattoo
  • Never having a kid who says in a snotty, entitled voice to her three eleven year old friends "Don't you guys care that I'm getting a Mac book Air??"
  • End of school
  • Hawaii
  • Disney World
  • Fall (for some reason the transition from Winter to Spring always makes me want fall. I prefer Fall above all others)
  • Working out again
  • Robot zipper pouch and a robot tote (that picture is just showing the print that will be on my bag)
  • A day off (hell yeah Good Friday as a holiday)

Update to Tax Rebate purchases:
  • Aforementioned robot items
  • Car service/fix
  • A dentist appointment
  • This dress:

  • A shirt and skirt that are not on the Old Navy website

1 comment:

  1. that dress is going to look fabu on you, I can totally see you in it