Thursday, March 06, 2008

Things I purchased with my tax refund...

  • Stacking rings:

  • Tentacular shirt:

  • Sprig of grass earrings:

  • Four pairs of these in various colors:

  • Four pairs of these in various colors:

  • This tee:

  • Book club book:

  • Yarn galore. I was tempted by a liquidation sale...

Plan to purchase:
  • Some of these:
Honorable mention (purchased with other money but I'm happy to own them):
  • Rain boots (if you click that picture, yes, you do go to toddler/youth boots. The sad part is that my size, 3M was still classified as little kid):

  • Six Feet Under (I'm already well into season 2):

1 comment:

  1. love all your purchases! Also, did you see the bag with the owl on it on etsy? (made by the same seller as the octo tshirt)