Friday, March 07, 2008

Things I accidentally do...

  • Get all my hair cut off. Here's how you do it: tell your hairdresser you're bored with your hair, and voila! You suddenly have the Sliding Doors haircut you've always wanted.
  • Eat a whole box of cookies in one day
  • Insult people
  • Watch terrible television (example: that Beckham's coming to america special)
  • Pick my nose
  • Eat texture
  • Stress to the point of making myself ill about stuff that I'm convinced I'm not stressed about.
  • Talk to my cats like they're human (uh-oh, crazy cat lady...)

1 comment:

  1. 1. that sliding doors discription is the best; a fantastically accurate and understandable discription

    2. i think it's a horrible side effect of having pets. I watch my parents talk to the dog and it drives me CRAZY, but then, when I get home and the dog greats me at the door, I find my self doing THE SAME THING. Unavoidable side effect of loving your pet....