Saturday, March 08, 2008

Reasons why I cried at a gas station tonight...

  • Gas tank wouldn't open
  • So the mom, brother and friend came to save the day
  • but failed.
  • Which caused frustration and led me to remember the following other frustrating things about my car right now:
  • the trunk doesn't close properly
  • scratch all down one side of the car where a parking garage "barrier" closed too early on my car
  • emissions testing
  • title changing
  • tire pressure gauge that malfunctions all winter long
Reasons why a frustrated cry makes no one feel better:
  • It made the mom feel bad because I was upset
  • It made me feel worse because I realized how stupid it was, tried to cut it off and promptly got a headache
  • It also left my eyes all heavy and hot...which is not the best way to drive home in the dark
Good day with one bad moment. The view of the city made me feel a bit better. Randomly though, right now, for the first years and years, I wish I wasn't coming home to an empty house.

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