Wednesday, March 26, 2008

List suggestion uno...

Reasons I like my genes...
  • My height. I actually genuinely like being short. And short jokes? Not that insulting and totally true. I mean...a short joke is better than most jokes about your looks...
  • Intelligence. We're a pretty smart bunch.
  • Is it fair to say my chest? Some days I hate it (trying on super cute bathing suits that otherwise look pretty kick ass). Some days they're hard to hate...
  • My ass. I really like my ass. I need to put on some work-out pants again and admire it.
  • Possible longevity? My family members (on both sides) are still kicking it. One, well into her nineties. We have five generations around right now. My great-grandma, my grandma, my parents, my cousins and then my cousins children.
  • Insanity? Although we may be crazy, we're lovably crazy (most of us).
  • I guess my metabolism should be commended here. I really should be heavier than I am with the way I eat. Today for instance, I not only ate a donut, but also a piece of cake (and pizza. And a bagel).
  • Musical ability. I didn't think I had any (probably because I never tried?). But it turns out I do have rhythm.
It occurs to me that it is hard to separate genes from upbringing. I mean, maybe my genes lend themselves to my being intelligent. Or maybe the way I was raised did that?

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