Sunday, February 17, 2008

meep moop meep

Happy Sunday.

To answer some comment questions:

I was thinking about dowries because I was thinking about trousseaux. I just learned that that is the plural of trousseau. Learn something everyday. Anyway, I was thinking about trousseaux because my huge knit afghan (reaching completion!!) would be a brilliant addition to a trousseau. At which point I decided that if I ever get married, I think I will create a modern-day trousseaux (mostly full of lingerie). Then, of course, I jumped to modern-day dowries. And dowry explained.

Would I want a man who wanted my dowry? Possibly. The only issue would be the cases of wine as I don't really drink much and I don't want to marry a lush. Other than that, I think a guy who likes guitars, games, golf, dogs...might be an OK match.

And, yes, a wii would be a delightful addition to a dowry. Or to my household right now.


  1. i love that robot! where did it come from? i think i need one.

  2. Hmm, yes, a Wii would be good for a dowry! (I got mine thanks to