Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm not sure of what I see...

My sister told me yesterday that she feels like the world is telling me to get a robot tattoo. This after I went to this website and Barack Obama built me a robot. Apparently this was strange since she clicked a dozen times and never got a robot. So Barack Obama wants me to get a robot tattoo. And just now, when I was finding that link, he thinks I'm cute. I feel like using the word kismet here.

I've been thinking long and hard about the failure of the experiment and today I had an epiphany. My cookie maker was dying. So I bought some batteries, and whiz, bang, I think that might explain things. I also want to note that I think I might have been in a mid-winter slump. I think there were things adding to the weather causing glumness...but I think I have crested the slump. I will be trying the experiment again - but this time I'll be "eating cookies" 5 times a week. I'm thinking April. Or should I just go ahead with March?

And, in a moment of craziness, I found myself thinking what my modern day dowry would be. Let's say that tradition was still around...what would my dad bribe some guy with to get me hitched? Here's the list I quickly created:
  1. In lieu of goats, livestock, etc, one little gray schnauzer.
  2. Cases of wine
  3. A pinball machine
  4. A guitar or two
  5. Some golf clubs
That list solely comprised of things my dad has in abundance. Besides piles of cash. I think that dowry might make me a pretty desirable catch...


  1. Why were you considering dowries? It's weird, because I was too, though I'm sure not for the reason you were. I was reading a book about modern India, hence the dowry thing (still a VERY big thing there).

    As for the experiment thing, I'm thinking of doing one of my own--the NaBloPoMo thing for March. And I might stick to the list theme, and post a list every day in March. I'm thinking on it.

  2. That dowry would be desirable for some guys, and the question is: if that dowry was a desirable dowry to a certain man, would that man be desirable to you?

  3. i feel pretty certain a Wii would be a prime dowry option.

  4. Regarding this cookie experiment: according to a discussion on a cancer message board I sometimes haunt, eating a cookie doesn't just make you feel better; it actually raises your blood counts. I can't think of a better reason to make it part of a healthy lifestyle.