Sunday, November 11, 2007


launched. You can now see what I'm listening to or did listen to.

I don't know why, but I always end up posting repeatedly on some days during this NaBloPoMo thing. It's like I can't get enough...

I feel I should explain my joining The truth is, it wasn't peer pressure or technological was total and complete laziness. Because as I sit downstairs at my kitchen table, my computer upstairs is playing music. And since I've been trying out loads of new music, I found myself not knowing what was playing half of the time. So, I needed some solution: I wanted my laptop to show me what my desktop was playing without all the bother of remote desktop. And bingo - did it!

Still looking for new music (even with my loads and loads of new stuff courtesy of the sis) so any recommendations will be considered


  1. another advantage: if you don't log into whilst at work, but go to your page you can listen to your own personal radio station, aka all the music that lives at home that you can't get to handily on your work 'puter. unless you do remoting into your home computer from work ... but since i can't this is a handy workaround for me.

    and i haven't forgot abt my offer of the decemberists, i'll get to that sometime this week...

    my productivity is not so high as yours it seems. alas. back to my 'final study guide notes' blergh

  2. my submission for new music:

  3. the new Duran Duran came out today!!! (click jukebox)

    Get it!!! Justin Timberlake appears on it....

  4. Katie you need to be listening to the following if you are not already:
    -Wolf Parade
    -Band of Horses
    -Anything Icelandic (Mum, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Amiina, etc.)
    -Broken Social Scene (I don't know if Broken Social Scene presents Kevin Drew is technically a new album or a different Band Name, but it's damn good)
    -Minus the Bear
    -Iron and Wine (the new album is fantastic).
    Crap you shouldn't be listening to:
    -Bloc Party
    -Anything on SNL
    -Anything recommended by Bob (although he does have an occasional winner i.e. Mogwai- Zidane)