Monday, November 12, 2007

Hat head...

I have a thing about my head.

I like to have it covered. I like a winter hat and on many days you will come into my office and find me in my cube with my winter hat on with huge, archaic headphones over said hat. I like to have my hood up (and, this is going to sound strange, I find that when I'm doing schoolwork or thinking hard I tend to cinch my hood and tie it). I like to put my comforter over my head to sleep (with my face sticking out).

I wonder what the psychology behind all this is? Mimicking the womb or something? I feel safer when the back of my head is unseen (since you know, when I sleep there are all those prying eyes cats)?

Just so you know - hair looks better after having been flattened by a hat. And you should all buy me trendy hats for Christmas so that I have no choice but to wear them.

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