Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I didn't do this weekend...

I didn't watch any TV.

Some of you may shrug - but for me, who loves to have the TV on at all times (adds a certain background charm) this is huge. I think I will have successfully not watched TV for 48 hours. And by not watched I mean, hasn't even been turned on.

I have been sitting in front of my computer though. And struggling over how to stay engaged with a project while I am completely and totally bored.

I don't think the boredom has to do with the lack of TV...more to do with the lack of anything interesting at all. I spent hours wasting time (and intermittently writing a paper) on the internet with fun new things (new to me at least - I've moved from bloglines to google reader and so have a new blogroll up and I jumped on to the bandwagon so you should see a widget appearing in my sidebar any day now). I also spent hours on etsy which is sucking my will to not spend money. Budget be damned! I need that [button, print, scarf, ornament, card, stationery]. I haven't bought anything, although my wish list is increasing exponentially.

Gotta go do something involving schoolwork. Project due on Thursday and another on Sunday and then I imagine I won't talk about school much anymore at all.

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