Sunday, November 18, 2007


Two updates to previous NaBloPoMo posts:

My drunk dialing friend not only drunk dialed me twice within a few minutes, but also another friend. Other friend even said that her drunk dials ended up as two nearly identical voice mails. So, the drunk dialer apparently lost all ability to remember what she had said/dialed just minutes previously. Sort of hilarious. And also a possible explanation for why she didn't call me yesterday (did she not remember or is it embarrassment?).

Someone asked me to explain the context of "brazen hussy." I was talking with a friend about how I wished she had been at my birthday celebration. Accidentally seeing Go-Go boys in a gay bar was eye-opening (in more ways than one). Learned a lot about people I've known forever. I described myself as the "brazen hussy" of the group (although after some thought, I think we have a pretty even split of brazen hussies and prudes). Anyway, I wish everyone (maybe every woman...) I know had been there so that I could learn where they fall on the brazen hussy/prude spectrum.

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