Saturday, November 17, 2007

The drunk dial...

Ah the drunk dial. I think I may have gotten to a point where I'm just too old and too bad at sleeping to receive the drunk dial (it may have helped if I didn't have the 8am deck builders breathing down my neck). Although my drunk dial experience last night didn't make me angry - I giggled about it. Here's what happened..

Friend called when I was deeply asleep (I woke up wondering what was wrong). She asked me if I was asleep. I said yes. She said, OK, I love you and then said "_____ hates me". I said, "huh?" (sleepy non-comprehension). She said she'd call me tomorrow and then we said bye. 10 minutes later she called again. Asked me if I was asleep. My response was "ye-he-he-he-hesssss" (I think I sounded like a whiny grade schooler). Then she said, OK, I'll call you tomorrow.

Love her to death, but...I'm an old lady. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I had people who were going to wake me up at 8am shouting and sawing wood. I'm no fun anymore.

I tried to remember if I had ever been a drunk dialer. I think I did a fair share my sophomore year of college and then it tapered off. And most of my drunk dialing was just long, rambling voice mail messages...I wish we still had copies of those...


  1. Yea I am too old to BE drunk dialing, but that is why I drunk dialed you and our other best friend, at least it wasn't random drunk dialing. Sometimes ya just gotta let loose, ya know, and I obviously did that, at least I made it to TWO of your blog posts, and gave you something to blog about, and I do love you I will tell you that when I am sober too!

  2. AH yes, the drunk dial. Just so you don't forget, you were a drunk dialer, and it ws sophomore year. If memory serves me correctly, you and I were both together, drunk, and dialing my own number back at my school. I remember this, because I saved the message till the end of the year and would listen to it whenever I needed a good laugh (which was often that year). Yep, I wish we still had recordings of those too...