Monday, November 19, 2007

Music is my boyfriend...

How catchy is that little ditty?

I wrote about 10 different blog entries on the walk home from the gym (8 of them skewing dirty). I'm going to run with one of the ideas, but first here are two things that I found weird today:
  • Girl next to me in the gym, reading the glossary of a book. I imagine this is her finals' studying technique? But...I think it's pretty bad, because what good is a definition without context?
  • I wrote this TERRIBLE paper for my capstone class. I mean, it was regrettable. The only good thing about it was my research, which was seriously good. I got a really good grade and my theory that the quality of education at my school is bad? Justified.
On the walk home I was trying to figure out what I was going to do tonight, my first night of freedom in a few months. My train of thought follows:
  • I think I'll do a little jig.
  • Aw, remember when I used to dance around my room to my theme song senior year of college and Janet would laugh at me?
  • I need a dance-y theme song again.
  • (here's where I tumble into the gutter of my mind) Well, shit, if I ever get laid again, my theme song should be "Do It" by Nelly Furtado.
  • Good plan. But maybe I should only make that my theme song if I'm consistently hitting it.
So there you have it readers, this is the usual for me. As for theme songs (if you're wondering, what kind of freak has a theme song?), what I mean is...any song that you seem to be playing repeatedly at a certain time of your life. Right now I have two that I can think of. One that I am going to hold close to my chest - not for embarrassment but for...privacy? The other is Possibly Maybe by Bjork (but only if the lyric is "possibly NO").

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  1. i too, also love that ditty, "music is my boyfriend." just wanted to share that.
    also recently found a photo of myself wearing a t-shirt saying "creativity is my lover". But, was a t-shirt, and not a ditty. Not really sure why I shared that either.
    We should hang out soon, so I can share these things in person.
    Also, you should leave a comment on my blog. Just to do it, so I know that a. you can. & b. that someone actually reads my blog.