Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I accidentally just ordered a hell of a lot of expensive food for dinner. Why? I don't know - because I couldn't stop thinking about olives at the gym. Then I got home and looked in my little CEO Deliveries thing to see what they offered and Ba Ba Reeba sucked me in. I have a massive amount of garlic potato salad on its way to this apartment. And no olives (wtf?). I cannot wait...oh garlic potato salad.....

My Christmas tree is taunting me in my foyer, all smoky (you suck little brother) and wanting to be put up. Here is my ode to Christmas tree's past:

College, 402 E. Stoughton. Our house was junky. Our tree was seriously trashy (white strands of light? That's classy), real tree, sporting tinsel and foam decorations:

First year in the apartment, no cats, real tree, tinsel (I loved that crazy long branchy arm):

Second year, cats (which means no tinsel). Cat can be seen under the tree:

Last year, aw...sad, fake tree (it just got a a bit taxing to get that real tree out the back door):

Per the green book, real trees are better. Not plastic (bad stuff to make) and they're renewable.

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  1. Ahh 402! I do miss thee. My father was down in Chambana for a football game last weekend and called me to when passing by 402. He was reminiscing the extremely dumpy place that he was paying rent for daughter to stay at her senior year. Ah 402! I do miss thee.