Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lazy contentedness...

Currently sitting on the couch, with a warmer in my lap (Mona) and some Top Model on TV. I had a really great day and evening. I have a few ideas of what to blog about in the coming days (so many left), so tonight I'll go ahead and tell you about my dinner.

I tried Vietnamese food tonight. I tried a few dishes, but really only liked my meal (claypot chicken). I proved to myself that I don't really like beef (yuck, texture) and that I am very unsure about duck (but really, really didn't like the duck dish). However...oh man the fried rice was SO GOOD. I already have plans to order out. Yum.

The dinner was with family members (sister, cousin). I think it's always interesting when people think it's uncool to hang out with your family members. As if family members can't be friends. Or why would someone ever want to hang out with their Mom? Well, I'm here to remind you that your family members are people and that they can be kick ass people who you want to be friends with.

What a boring, useless post. I wonder if this will continue through the rest of the month...

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