Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm really not a delicious girl...

*title taken from an IM conversation earlier, suggested as a blog title by chat companion, CG. Parts of this blog post were suggested by CG. So thanks CG for squeezing a post out of me*

I've decided to try twitter. I've heard a lot about it on other blogs, from coworkers, everywhere. So I decided to play with it (you can see my status updates right over there <--). One of the things I liked about facebook was the status updates - I like to see what people are doing/thinking. So this is sort of an extension of that. I need some of ya'll to try out twitter so that I can have twitter friends (and at least see how that works).

Today something weird happened to me at Dominicks. On the way in, someone got in my little quarter of the revolving door with me. A stranger. It was highly uncomfortable and weird. Is standing alone in your quarter of the revolving door a cultural thing? Because he was speaking a foreign language. To his friend who was in the quarter behind us. Why didn't they share?

*does it make more sense to you if you read it: i'm really not a girl

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  1. I'm on twitter. I've been on twitter for months, and have already pretty much quit. I think part of it was that it was NEVER working, and there were no limits to who could follow you or whatever, and that bothered me. I haven't cancelled the account yet, with a vague idea of going back to twitter, but then I've never gone back.

    You know me and all these social networking things--they never work out. I'll have to shit or get off the pot with twitter though, because it seems silly to have it and not use it.